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Norwegian innovation creates huge environmental- and cost savings for Coca-Cola

EBECO AS is a Stavanger & Oslo-based company that develops patents and sells solutions for time-saving handling and optimized exposure of beverages for commercial refrigerators, cold rooms, as well as shelves for food items. Over the last 14 years the company developed various shelving systems for Coca-Cola with the aim of creating higher exposure levels, good labor savings for the re-stocking of goods and the reduction of wastage.

The company has recently developed a new revolutionary system of product handling for coolers for Coca-Cola, who have been a customer of EBECO for many years. The company has delivered thousands of ”older generation” modular systems over these years. Coca-Cola is very concerned about the environment and claims very high standards from its sub-suppliers, with a requirement that energy consumption levels should be at the lowest possible level. EBECO’s new generation systems reduces energy costs and increases efficiency considerably. The company is now preparing to deliver this new system, firstly in the Nordic market and in the next step will expand deliveries to the wider global market.
The system has been presented to Coca-Cola executives in a number of European countries

EBECO now offers both Norwegian and foreign investors the opportunity to buy shares in the company, which is in full swing expanding its production capacity at its own factory in Slovakia.

The old generation modular solutions which also can be reversed, has a much smaller capacity and stability is poorer, because these systems are partially out of the cabinet to allow for the refilling process. This leads to unnecessary and costly time- and energy consumption.
The secret behind the patent-pending modular solution (TurnLoader™) which can be turned around 180 degrees, is that the bottles are hanging from a rail (TopSlider™) which also ensures that the FIFO principle (first in – first out) must be used. At the same time there can be filled 4-8 bottles at a time from behind using a proprietary aid for rapid filling, this device also increases system efficiency (TopHandler™). While current systems require customization for each type of bottle, the TopSlider™-system is suitable for all types of bottle and sizes.

In addition to a significant environmental benefit, the system reduces working time by more than 600% (!).

In order to fill up 50% of a standard cooler (90 x 200 x 60 cm) it takes today 27 min.
It will take only 1/6 of the time (4.2 min.) to fill up the coolers with the new generation system developed by EBECO. Savings per cooler per year are estimated to be between €1100 to €1200. Other savings such as lower energy consumption, cleaner coolers and less wastage is in addition.

The global market for cooling systems is enormous, and in 2016 it represents a turnover of approximately $ 12 billion with an expected growth to $ 19 billion in 2020. With the estimated unit system cost, this ia a great opportunity for EBECO and in some years makes the company possible to achieve hundreds of millions-turnover.

The company’s turnover in 2016 a will be over € 4,6 million with the goal of doubling this turnover in 2017.
In parallel with the production of the efficient modular system for coolers, the company already also has developed a very popular folding trailer (WallTrailer™) which is currently being sold in the European market and sales growth is 100% year-on-year.
“The uniqueness of WallTrailer™ is that you can fold it, so that it does not take more space in the garage than a bicycle, while it also has a strong structure that is more solid than a standard trailer”, according to CEO Henning Bersagel. EBECO will expand rapidly in a controlled manner in the global market with both TopSlider™ and WallTrailer™. The market is over 1 million trailers per year in Europe, so the opportunities for future growth are very good for a company like EBECO.

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